About Verb8tm's History

In 2007, in partnership with National Public Radio (NPR), Ellyn Sheffield, Ph.D., founded the International Center for Accessible Radio Technology (ICART) at Towson University, to bring radio captioning and emergency alerting to U.S. citizens who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing.

With the help of several federal, state and university grants, Ellyn established a captioning/transcription center whose mission was to serve the public radio market and educational institutions to comply with federal accessibility standards.

Along the way, and with a great deal of input and help from the National Association of the Deaf, Hearing Loss Association of America, Northern Virginia Resource Center for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing, and the Helen Keller National Center, the center became known for its commitment to high-quality captioning and its insistence on making audio and video accessible to people globally.

After several years of research and development, ICART commercialized to become Verb8tm, Inc., an organization that provides affordable, efficient and high-quality captioning and transcribing services.

Today, Verb8tm’s product line includes automated, do-it-yourself software (Carbon) to 100% accuracy transcripts. Verb8tm’s integrated software allows users to choose between automated text and Services – with a click of a button. Verb8tm has expanded into several markets with the same commitment - to provide technology and services that exceed industry standards and produce quality results at competitive prices.

Team Verb8tm
Our Transcribers are selected to succeed.

Each transcriber has been selected based on rigorous screening designed to identify individuals who are naturally suited for the job. Our unique selection process, in-house training, and company culture encourages employee retention and a core respect for providing our clients with the best possible end product.

We are born researchers.

True innovation is no small task, especially in the captioning and transcription world. Our team is made up of creative software engineers, audio engineers, psycholinguists and cognitive scientists.

We are passionate about quality and service.

Our goal is to best serve you, the customer and partner with you to create unique accessibility and text-management solutions for your needs. To do so, our quality assurance team continually monitors transcriptionists’ output with rigorous adherence to perfection at the fore.

Meet our Awesome Team

We are hiring creative people

Do you have an excellent command of the English language and great attention to detail?

We are hiring qualified candidates who display great attention to detail, strong work ethic and an understanding of the grammatical rules of the English language.

If you think that you fit the bill, please send us your resume and we will reach out to schedule you for a screening test.