Verb8tm Captioning Services

Caption your videos, webinars or webcasts in all formats to ensure accessibility compliance.

More Reasons than Ever to Caption your Videos:


Make sure you are in compliance with the Americans with Disability Act and Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act. Captions give individuals who are Deaf or hard of hearing accessibility to your video content and afford you the opportunity to reach out to the community in a fully inclusive way.

Reach a Large Underserved Market

Looking to branch into new markets or broaden your audience? The deaf and hard of hearing market is ~23 million and rapidly growing as the baby boomer generation ages. Don’t miss out on this underserved market: tap in by adding captions to all your videos to ensure your message gets across.

Extend Viewability

Reach your audience in sound sensitive environments, wherever they are. Allow individuals to view your videos in noisy environments or quiet places where videos need to be watched on mute.

Boost Website SEO to Increase Traffic

Make your videos do some extra lifting by adding captions. Search engines can’t parse your video’s audio content, but they can scan captions to index keywords. Numerous studies confirm that website ranking and new visits rise over 10% when videos are accurately captioned.

Improve Content Comprehension

Give your video viewers a helping hand in improving learning outcomes. Studies demonstrate that you can improve your viewers' recall and retention of video content when pairing it with captions.

Reach ESL Learners

Trying to reach non-native English speakers? Add captions to your videos in English to improve ESL learners’ comprehension of your video content. Studies show combined listening and reading of audio content improves foreign language comprehension.

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