Verb8tm Enterprise Solutions

Verb8tm offers enterprise solutions, providing user and group management, administration, group dashboards, reporting, and more.

Increase your employees’ productivity and efficiency with our cost-effective, fully automated transcription tool. Your employees can access our robust platform from anywhere in the world allowing them to securely and quickly upload, edit and share their transcripts and original content with team members, or download their content in multiple format options.

The Verb8tm Carbon Transcription Platform is designed to help companies and Independent transcribers securely transform their media into actionable transcripts and deliver them to business users, customers, and partners at their point-of-work. We work with video platforms and learning management systems. Our API is one of our many products now being used by several customers. We have a variety of products intended to suit everyone's needs, but we also will add new products to our line as use-cases surface.

Team Management

Organize your Carbon users in teams or groups. Quickly edit, view and manage groups, users’ accounts, roles and usage

Permissions & Sharing

Create permissions so teams can access, edit and share transcripts easily and securely.

Dashboards & Reporting

Summary and detail reports showing activity for your users or teams. Reports can be exported to Word or Excel.

Consolidated Billing

Centralized billing with the ability to monitor groups and users. Administrators can limit minutes used by group/team or user to help manage monthly costs.

Advanced Security

Carbon encrypts your data while in transit and at rest. We take security very seriously. Keeping you data safe and secure is very important.

Email Notifications

Carbon provides email notifications when transcripts are completed.

Online Storage

Carbon can provide online storage for your content. We offer storage solutions allowing you to save only the files you need for the time you need.

Advanced Support

Verb8tm offers enterprise-level support for your users. Different support levels are available to include response time for tickets & chat as well as dedicated support personnel.

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